Great pizza and customer service! I ordered two pizza's when I arrive they had one made and couldn't find my order. A woman came over to apologise and told me to come back in 10 minutes. When I went back in to get my order she had three large pizzas and charged me for one. Now that is impressive.

Jodie B.

The food was fantastic! I got the Supreme Quesadilla with chicken (for around $8) and it was great. I highly recommend it!

Annabelle G

Had the deal bomb and it was delicious! Friendly service as well.

Carmel W.

Excellent food served up hot and ready. Friendly folks too

Andrew M.

I'm addicted to their wings!!! And their pizza and onion rings are amazing! The only other thing I've had was a corndog, which I LOVED, but I don't think they have them anymore.

Emily H.

Excellent Service! I would recommend TNT to anyone!

Sandee L.

What a wonderful lunch I just ate. The haddock dinner was great, my wife loved the lobster roll, and the chicken tender dinner went over very well with the kids. Great small town eatery!

Eric S.

Got a leg Italian sub ,ham,salami, cheese green peppers, onions, black olives, peppers lettuce, let ya know, but should be great. Oh oil and vinegar on the side.

Patrick K.

Love the food.. delicious as always.. Very friendly people

Steven G.


Jana F.

I love tnt there food is always amazing and employees work hard for customer satisfaction

Chelsey B.

I will never order from Domino's again. TNT makes amazing pizzas (all that I have tried so far) and gives back to their community in many ways, including food donations to various programs and groups. Their prices are amazing and the quality of food is top notch. They have great selections from their menu's but their pizzas should not be missed. Will definitely continue to do business with them.

Eric C.

Awesome food! People were so friendly! Definitely on my favorite list!

Jennifer G.

Thank you people of TNT, love the service we received. Food was great, keep up the great work even though short staffed.

Blaine J.

Great food. Superb customer service. Community driven. Love TNT Takeout.

Christie F.